PhD Students

James Carpino, PhD ('14)

James Carpino

Brian E. Ford, PhD ('15)

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Brian E. Ford Brian joined the lab in January 2012. His doctoral dissertation included three projects: host-range expansion in the Pseudomonas bacteriophage Φ6, a non-genetic host factor affecting subsequent fitness in an RNA virus, and studying the host-virus arms race with its affect on host phenotype. Following his graduation in 2015, Brian joined the Mechano-Micro-Biology Lab as a post-doctoral researcher. He is currently a Research Associate at the Biosciences Institute at Newcastle University.

Masters Students

Jinyu Li, MS ('11) -- Accupath Laboratories

Bruce Sun, MS ('11) -- Senior Research Technician, BlueRock Therapeutics

Gregory Lallos, MS ('13) -- Senior Research Technician, Regeneron Inc.

Gregory Lallos

Lauren A. Esposito, MS ('16) -- Senior Analyst at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Lauren A. Esposito


Kaung Myat "Zach" San ('19) -- Research Technician Dennehy Lab

Elsa Rosario ('19) -- NYC Public School Teacher

Aida Abbasiazam MS ('20)

Donna Bedasee MS ('20) -- PhD Student at The Graduate Center CUNY

Undergraduate Students

Svetlana Musheyev ('09) -- DVM, NYU College of Dentistry, Pediatric Dentist, Private Practice

Kevin Jhun ('11) -- PhD, Mt. Sinai Medical College PhD, Scientist at Celularity, Inc.

Avi Bitterman ('11) -- MD, Thomas Jefferson Medical College, Dermatologist at Mt. Sinai

Shalini Singh ('11) -- City College, CUNY, Adjunct Lecturer, Queensborough Community College

Jane Ching ('12) -- PharmD, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, Solid Organ Transplant Clinical Pharmacy Specialist at Methodist Healthcare System

Stephanie Gampel ('12) -- MD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Resident Physician

Lauren Mordukhaev ('13) -- MD, Hofstra University Medical School, Resident Physican

Rachelle Morgenstern ('13) -- MPH, Columbia Univ School of Public Health, Clinical Research Coordinator at Hospital for Special Surgery

Kevin Mu ('13) -- DVM, Cornell University Veterinary School, Veterinarian

Elizabeth S. Chapler ('13) -- PA, Pace University, Montefiore Medical Center

Daniel Grossman ('14)
Daniel Grossman
Swati Gupta ('15),  Cytologist at Northwell Health
Swati Gupta
Lixing He ('15)
Lixing He
Qainat Shah ('15) -- MD, Albany Medical College
Qainat Shah
Rahat Shah ('15), Medical Assistant, NorthShore University Health System
Rahat Shah
David Toubiyan ('15) -- MD, St. George’s University School of Medicine
David Toubiyan
Aaron (Ari) Wadler ('15) PA, Northwell Health
Aaron Wadler

Fraida Streiter ('16)

Paola Lozada ('16), Certified Medical Assistant, ENT and Allergy Associates

Ashley Prasad ('16) PA, Westchester Medical Center

Marko Baloh ('16), PhD Candidate at Texas A&M

Marko Baloh

Carmen Urgiles ('18), Molecular Lab Technologist at New Hope Fertility Center

Hisham Alrubaye ('18), PhD Candiate at the University of Pittsburgh

Sangeetha Tandalam ('18), Research Technician, Weill Cornell Medicine

Vincent Cali ('18), Medical Student at Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Tevin Lynch ('19)

Gabriella Oken ('20)

Roberta Fazylova ('20)

Nanami Kubota ('20), PhD Candiate at the University of Pittsburgh

High School Students

Lydia Wu ('09) -- Sophie B. Davis School of Biomedical Education

Julie Kim ('09) -- Carnegie Mellon University

Aneury Hernandez ('09) -- University of Michigan

Shajoti Rahman ('10) -- Hunter College, CUNY

Debbie Sands ('10)

Katherine Valles ('10) -- Fordham University

Ashraf Hussain ('10)

Dipabali Chowdhury ('10) -- Baruch Honors College

Shanawaj (Roy) Khair ('12) -- BA, Stony Brook University; MD-PHD University of Colorado

Daniel Arango ('12) -- Queensborough Community College

Alan Chu ('13)

Nimrod Gozum ('13) -- Stony Brook University

Samia Abedin ('14)

Maressa Cumbermack,  ('16)

Darsiya Krishnathasan,  ('16)

David Musheyev,  ('16) -- Queens College

Sasha Balkaran,  ('16) -- Hunter College

Darsiya Krishnathasan ('17) -- Stony Brook University

Marissa Cumbermack ('17) -- Princeton University